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Jacquie Allum * holistic therapist

By gently assisting you to follow your own process, allows healing and transformation from within.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy


      Jacquie Allum * Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Holistic Therapist*


            * Counselling

            * Psychotherapy

            * Process Work

            * Foundation in - Person-Centred Counselling

            * Spiritual Counselling



           So how can I assist you ?


           * I will be your companion, gently assisting you to follow your own process.


           * I will provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to share your thoughts and feelings.


           * I recognise that the client/therapist relationship is sacred and has trust, respect and

             integrity as it's foundation.


           * I will assist  you to implement tools that will help in your daily life.



We all go through difficulties at some points in our lives and realise that we may need assistance. When seeking a holistic approach to our healing we know that it not just what's in our minds, but also involves our heart, body, soul and spirit.


I have assisted people in the areas of relationships, sexual assault, adult survivors of child abuse, grief, family, work, stress, health, life purpose and people just wanting to talk.

Central to my training through the Metavision Institute  are the human values of connection, communication, imagination and inspiration


At the Metavision Institute

"We see each client as a unique being carrying with them the wisdom and freedom to choose their own direction. 

We locate the psychosocial issues within the context of their family, social and global systems. We regard human difficulties as opportunities for growth and development"

Christina Nielson - Founder and Director of The Metavision Institute


Cost per session


   1 hour  $90


Pro Rata thereafter



holistic transformation
contact: Jacquie Allum
0407 844 669
please call OR email to organise an appointment